Mattress culture determines the need for the quality of our sleep environment, soft mattresses and hard mattresses, two kinds of wrong choice, will hurt the body

Nearly a third of our lives are spent in sleep. Good sleep not only helps us to regain energy, but also helps us to stay healthy and prevent some diseases.


However, a good night’s sleep is not a simple matter. There are many decisive factors such as pillow, sleep time, physical condition, mattress, etc. Today, we will briefly talk about mattresses and see how they affect the quality of our sleep.

In life, we usually have two choices, one is a soft mattress and the other is a hard mattress.

There is a debate about what kind of mattress is good for the body. Many older adults believe that sleeping on a firm mattress helps with back pain, but others believe that a soft mattress allows for better sleep.

So what’s the deal?

A related test can actually tell us that when we compare a hard mattress with some medium mattresses, we find that it’s not the hard mattress, but the medium mattress that relieves our back pain. For companies with long-term back pain, if we choose a hard mattress, it may lead to some shoulder and neck pain in our country by increasing the pressure on the student’s body after a long time. In addition, if we sleep on a hard mattress, it will also cause our waist to sag, which is unfriendly to people with bad waist circumference.

In addition, research has found that if we often sleep on a hard mattress, the curvature of our lumbar spine will also change, and changes in the curvature of the lumbar spine usually mean that our lumbar muscles will be damaged. Does this mean that it is better for us to sleep on a soft mattress?

In fact, it doesn’t necessarily mean that if we sleep on a mattress that is too soft, our body will lack some support so our spine can’t stay normal, so we often need our muscles to contract to keep our spine normal.

In the long run, we are prone to back pain and bloating. Some people may also suffer from back muscle injuries and bone injuries. For growing children, they may also hunch their backs.

Therefore, we suggest that we choose a proper mattress in our life so that students can sleep better.

The first thing to note is that our spine is naturally curved, so we should not use a hard mattress or a soft mattress. It is better to choose some firm mattress so that our spine can stretch freely and relieve back pain during the day. Naturally, our sleep quality will be better and we will sleep better at night.

Secondly, in the choice of mattress above, also pay attention to the breathability of the mattress, if the mattress is not breathable, it will lead to the accumulation of too much bacteria and mites inside our mattress, sleeping on such a mattress, the health of the body is not protected, but also lead to too much moisture into our body, for people who are already cold affect more.

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